'The figures suggest more women than men have been put off from applying to university. Some 10.5% fewer women have applied this year, and 7% fewer men.'

'Mature students appear to have been particularly deterred by the higher fees, the figures show. The number of applicants aged 40 or older has fallen by 27.8%, and among those aged between 30 and 39 the number has dropped by 22.7%.'

'The number of applicants from within the UK has fallen by 11.9%, and from in the EU by 9.3%, but the number from outside the EU has grown by 8.8%.'

'The number of applicants in England has fallen by 12.1%, in Northern Ireland by 13%, in Scotland by 11.8% and in Wales by 8.3%. Numbers of applicants from the east Midlands (down 20%), Yorkshire (17.3%) and the north-east (14.7%) have fallen furthest, the figures show. London (down 9.1%) and the south-east (8.1%) have been less affected.'